Marian Society

An invitation to all women of Resurrection of the Lord

The Marian Society will be holding its next meeting on Thursday, February 06th at 7:00 pm in the St Michael’s Room.  We invite any interested ladies to join us.  Our Society is dedicated to serving our parish in various ways; such as cleaning of the church, providing those altar supplies requested by our pastor, and cleaning of altar linens, towels and purificators.

We have also provided funding for the construction of the Grotto to our Lady of Guadalupe, the courtyard fountain, and the Stations of the Cross in our Sanctuary.

This was all made possible by operating our parish Religious Article Store, and our two main fundraisers – our Salad Tasting Luncheon and our Christmas Bazaar. 

We hold Retreats for our members and lead the parish in reciting the Rosary at our Church and in homes of our fellow parishioners during the month of May.

Ladies willing to help us in these efforts, and who may have new and innovative ideas in our continuance to serve our Parish are invited to attend our meeting and become a member.  ALL ARE WELCOME!    Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month with a break during the summer months of June, July, and August.  Come join us! 

If you have any questions call our president, Diana Alvarado at 210-673-3706, or our vice-president, Miros Flach, at 210-422-8969.