Lenten Silence

Jesus asks that we not advertise all we do at this time of the year.  We can give to the poor, we can pray, and we can fast all without drawing attention to ourselves.  But what about Christian witness?  Jesus urges us to not be like the Pharisees; to not appear to be self-righteous by drawing attention to our actions. 

  • There's nothing wrong with living our faith openly. 
  • There's nothing wrong with walking around all day long with a smudged ash cross on our foreheads (or our clothes).  Just don't go around pointing at it telling people that we are better than they are since we went to Mass and they didn’t.
  • We don't need complain about being hungry or how we can't have fajitas because it's Friday. 
  • If someone sees you making a donation to help the poor, great!  Brag not, however.  

Christian witness or the pride of the Pharisees?

Lenten Retreat

Lenten Enrichment

2023 Archbishop's Appeal for Ministries

To pledge or make a donation to the Archbishop's appeal, please scan the QR code below:

When making your pledge, please don't forget to scroll down in the Parish drop-down to select Resurrection of the Lord Church-San Antonio (3661).

If you have any questions on making your appeal, please contact Donor Services at (210) 734-1910 or [email protected].

To hear more about the Archbishop's Appeal click below:



Blanket Drive

The St. Vincent de Paul Society, in collaboration with Knights of Columbus Council 8158, have begun the 2023 Blanket Drive.  Our community is in need of new, unwrapped blankets for the winter months.  If you have the means and opportunity, please help to keep families warm over the coming weeks.  Please bring a blanket to the St. Vincent de Paul distribution center behind the church on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9:00 am and 11:00 am.  The drive will continue through February 25.  You can also bring your blankets to weekend masses and leave them in the SVDP donation box in the entry area.  


Our St. Vincent de Paul Conference is in dire need of good, clean and wearable shoes of all sizes, for children, men and women.  If you, your family members or your neighors have shoes that are no longer needed, but still have a lot of good miles left on them, please consider dropping them off at the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays between 9:30 am and 11:30 am. 

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As pope leaves hospital, he comforts couple, jokes with reporters

ROME (CNS) -- "I'm still alive," Pope Francis joked to reporters who asked how he was doing as he left Rome's Gemelli hospital April 1.

The 86-year-old pope, who had been hospitalized since March 29 for treatment of bronchitis, stopped his car and got out to greet well-wishers and reporters waiting outside the hospital.

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UPDATE: Doctors say pope can be discharged from hospital

ROME (CNS) -- The medical team at Rome's Gemelli hospital, after evaluating the results of the Pope Francis' latest tests, confirmed he can be discharged April 1.

The 86-year-old pope had been showing continued and "marked" improvement for what tests revealed was a case of bronchitis, after he was admitted to the hospital the afternoon of March 29 for breathing difficulties. The pope was treated with intravenous antibiotics for the respiratory infection that was not COVID-19.

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The Catholic Home Missions Appeal Strengthens the Church from Alaska to Alabama

WASHINGTON - On the weekend of April 29-30, Catholics across the United States are invited to give to the Catholic Home Missions Appeal of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) when their dioceses take up the Appeal. This annual collection supports dioceses in the United States and its territories where it is difficult to sustain basic, essential ministries because of challenges posed by geography, population, or economy. These basic pastoral services include Mass, the sacraments, religious education, and training for clergy and lay people to minister to the local faithful.

“In Alaska, courageous missionary priests from as far away as Nigeria travel through ice and snow by seaplane and snowmobile to serve remote churches scarcely larger than mobile homes,” said Bishop Shawn McKnight of Jefferson City and chairman of the USCCB’s Subcommittee on Catholic Home Missions. “God does not measure the vitality of our faith by the quality of our stained glass or the height of the arches in the naves of our churches. When he sees the faithful traveling large distances during extreme weather conditions to worship and receive the sacraments in a small, simple chapel, God sees a treasure greater than gold.”

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Vatican News

Russia takes over U.N. Security Council, prompting outrage

Russia has taken over the presidency of the United Nations Security Council despite war torn Ukraine urging members to block the move. As a result, the Security Council is now being led by a nation whose president is subject to an international arrest warrant for alleged war crimes and who places nuclear weapons in Belarus.

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The Lord's Day Reflection: 'Power turned upside down’

As the Church marks Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, Fr Edmund Power, OSB, offers his thoughts on the day’s liturgical readings under the theme: “Power turned upside down".

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Pope to return to juvenile prison for Holy Thursday celebration

Pope Francis will celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday with inmates of the Casal del Marmo juvenile prison located on the outskirts of Rome, the same place he presided over the Easter Triduum service fifteen days after his election in 2013.

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